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Our electricians are licensed and experienced in a wide range of electrical services. They are skilled in troubleshooting, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems, including lighting, power distribution, and control systems. Our team is committed to safety and follows all industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, and the public.

Our engineers have a deep understanding of electrical systems and are dedicated to designing solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. They work closely with our electricians to ensure that the designs are feasible and meet all safety requirements. Our engineers also stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies to provide the most innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.

Our project managers are responsible for ensuring that each project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. They work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop a comprehensive project plan that meets their goals. Our project managers are highly skilled in managing resources, coordinating schedules, and communicating with clients to ensure that everyone is informed and satisfied throughout the project.

Michael Woods


Mike has over 40 years of experience in the industry. In 1998 Mike started working for IECC and has worked his way up the ladder to now serving as President of the company for the last 7 years. Mike is known to have a big heart and he leads by example every day. Mike has an open door policy inherited from the owners of the company. Mike holds his Unlimited Electrical License in 3 states (NC, SC, &VA). Mike attended and graduated from CPCC with an AAS in Business Administration. A travel enthusiast, Mike has been blessed to visit his bucket list state of Alaska twice.

Amy Trantham

Corporate Secretary

Amy has brought her energy and knowledge to IECC for the last 31 years. Starting back in 1992 as office manager to her current role as corporate secretary/controller. Amy received her degree in Business Administration from Gaston College. Amy’s ultimate dream vacation is to travel to Fiji.

Donna Miller

HR Director

Donna has been part of IECC for 4 years now handling Human Resource. Donna brings over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies to mid-size handling everything from Accounting/Finance to Business Management. Her dream vacation is Bora Bora.

Derek Mullis

Sr. Project Manager

Derek brings over 40 years of industry experience with the last 14 years working as a project manager with IECC. Derek graduated from Gaston College with an electrical engineering degree. Derek holds an NC Unlimited Electrical License, among other certifications. A travel enthusiast, Derek’s ultimate trip would be to New Zealand/Iceland.

Jason Tucker

Project Manager

Jason has 16 years of electrical experience all with IECC. Over the last 6 years, Jason has served as a Project Manager with IECC. Jason attended UNCC and holds an unlimited electrical license. He looks forward to seeing the 7 wonders of the world.

Robbin Baker

Project Manager / Estimator

Robbin was born and raised in New York but now has settled in the Carolinas. Robbin got into the trade by working as a residential electrical apprentice at her fathers company. Robbin has spent the last 3 years with IECC doing estimating and project management for the company. A graduate of Broome Community College receiving a Liberal Arts Associate Degree, Robbin has two cats Racer and Graycie.

Michael Ponder

Field Superintendent 

Michael Ponder brings over 25 years of experience to IECC. A true American story, Michael started working as a green helper and quickly was promoted to a supervisory position. His knowledge and work ethic sets him apart and makes him a standard to be compared to on projects regardless of the size. Michael has spent the last year in the role of Field Superintendent, managing our work force. One of his ultimate vacations would spend a month in Ireland followed by a month in Italy.

Seth Stokes

Safety Director

An electrician by trade, Seth has over 29 years of experience with the last 7 with IECC. Now serving as our Safety Director over the last year, Seth’s dedication and commitment keeps all our employees safe and make sure they get back home to their loved ones daily. Unusual for a safety guy, Seth would like to ride in a helicopter and go surfing in Hawaii.

Savannah Tritt

Accounting Associate

Savannah is a graduate of the University of South Carolina Lancaster with a degree in Business. With her new role as Accounting Associate for IECC she looks forward to bringing a fast-paced and detailed eye by assisting with multiple different tasks within the company. She spends most of her free time with her ten dogs. When she isn’t with her dogs she spends her free time outside, enjoying nature. Her dream is to one day be a landowner and have her own piece of country paradise.

Chibi Johnson

Business Development

Chibi is new to IECC serving as their Business Development Manager. Chibi has 15 years of experience in the staffing industry where IECC was one of his customers. Chibi is a proud Alum of Radford University. Chibi’s love of networking and being able to assist wherever he can, will make him feel right home at IECC. Chibi has been told that he has a love for sports, cooking and shoes, he will only admit to two of those.

Carl Wenzinger

Purchasing Director

Carl has been a part of IECC now for 5 years serving as our Purchasing Agent. Carl is the proud graduate of University of New Mexico, where he earned his Political Science/Pre Law degree. Carl has a unique skill of sandcastle building. He has worked in 47 states but he looks forward to working in the last 3, Washington State, Oregon and Alaska, before retiring.

Crystal Arant

Purchasing Agent

Crystal is a graduate of South Piedmont Community College. She has been with IECC for fourteen years as she has worked her way up from being an Electrician Helper, Assistant Project Manager and Tool Specialist to currently being a Purchasing Agent. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time as a mom of two boys. Together, they enjoy farming, hunting, and fishing, as well as frequently going camping in the mountains on horseback. Her dream is to re-open her grandparents’ old country store for her boys to operate where they would sell homegrown crops and baked goods.

Sierra Whitesides

Warehouse Manager

Sierra is in her first year with IECC but has over 13 years of experience in logistics. Sierra extensive background in many different industries has allowed her to settle in with the company and make sure that materials are on site in a timely manner. Her love for traveling and meeting new people is why she loved living in Hawaii.

Diana Quick

Warehouse Associate

Although Diana has only worked with IECC for a few months she brings her energetic work ethic and a passion for learning to this company. In her free time, she loves to experience different cultures, both art and culinary. It has been her dream that one day she will be able to travel outside of the United States and see the world.