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The Industrial Electric Company of Charlotte (IECC) began operations shortly after WWII. Formed by two brothers – Shorty and Garner Eakes, the company quickly grew to one of the premier commercial electrical contractors in North Carolina and South Carolina focusing on high quality, high profile commercial electrical installations. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the company began to specialize in the areas of heavy commercial/industrial electrical with a focus on Data Centers, Telecom Rooms, Industrial Process, Heavy Power Distribution, FacilityGrounding and Generator/UPS/Transfer Gear installations; as well as, other highly technical installations. These areas are where IECC continues to provide expertise to our customers.

By safely performing high-quality electrical installations, IECC has sustained repeat business from general contractors and owners who only want the most reliable and safe installation available. Our ability to perform highly technical electrical installations within online facilities without downtime to the customer sets us apart from our competitors.

The IECC Mission

IECC was established upon a core set of values. Our goal is to maintain these core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, and Respect. These values are the nucleus of our culture, and each employee is committed to this. This dedication ensures each of our customers receives a top-notch product and or service.

Core Values


At IECC safety is before anything else. We make sure to provide our employees with the safest environment daily. Our sole responsibility is to make sure each person returns home to their families safely.


We are renowned for our quality. Our founders insisted upon a quality installation. Today, we still uphold our reputation for quality but also focus on quality work/life balance and promoting it throughout our jobsites and office.


IECCs integrity starts from the top with our president and spreads throughout to our office & field staff. We stand behind our name; and our integrity doesn’t get compromised for anything.


Once you have created quality of work, provided a safe work environment and backed it up with integrity, then you earn respect. We strive daily to have respect from each other, our trade partners and customers.