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Power Your Mission-Critical Operations with The Industrial Electric Company of Charlotte (IECC)

Are you looking for a top-tier electrical contractor to support your mission-critical environment? IECC is renowned for its vast knowledge and experience in this crucial market sector. Whether you require a new installation or an upgrade to an existing one, our team is equipped to deliver solutions tailored to your needs. Some of the tasks we perform are: Generator/ATS installations, UPS Systems, and the Switchgear that supports this sector.

Experience Unmatched Expertise in Critical Environments

At IECC, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient electrical installations in maintaining the stability of your operations. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with the latest technology, ensures we provide tailored electrical solutions to effectively support your requirements.

Generator and ATS Installations:

Guarantee Uninterrupted Power Supply

Ensure seamless business continuity with IECC’s state-of-the-art generator and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) installations. Our team of experts will design and implement fail-safe systems to maintain an uninterrupted power supply, minimizing downtime and preserving the integrity of your operations.

UPS Systems:

Safeguard Your Operations with Uncompromised Power Stability

IECC’s unparalleled experience in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems guarantees that your mission-critical operations remain unaffected by power fluctuations or outages. Our skilled team will assess your needs and develop tailored solutions that provide stable power, ensuring your business remains operational and secure.

Switchgear Support:

Optimize Your Power Distribution and Protection

Maximize the efficiency of your critical environment with IECC’s expertly designed Switchgear solutions. Our team will carefully evaluate your power distribution and protection requirements, delivering customized systems that optimize performance, minimize energy consumption, and ensure the safety of your operations.

Why Choose IECC for Your Mission-Critical Electrical Needs?

Expertise: Our employees boast extensive experience in the new construction sector, guaranteeing that your project is managed with precision and the highest level of care. 

Customization: IECC prides itself on our ability to adapt to your unique mission-critical needs by providing tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

Quality: We are committed to delivering top-tier electrical installations, using technology and industry practices to ensure the reliability and durability of your systems.

Safety: Our top priority is the safety of our clients and employees. We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and standards to protect your investment and ensure a secure operational environment.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our goal. We work tirelessly to ensure that our electrical installations exceed your expectations and contribute to the success of your operations.