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At The Industrial Electric Company of Charlotte (IECC), OSHA’s guidelines and regulations are a starting point for our safety program. With this in mind, each member of Industrial Electric’s team is trained in all aspects of safety through successful completion of the 10 Hour OSHA Construction Course

The 10 Hour OSHA Construction Course is intended to provide workers with general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a job site. The course follows the occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Each employee receives a course completion card issued by the US Department of Labor.

Planning is the core of our safety program and the catalyst of superior performance. Through the development of the job specific Methods of Procedures, risks and hazards are identified, appropriate precautions are discussed, and every member of the team (including any subcontractors) is educated on the job site risks, procedures and precautions required.

Through training, planning, and management support, IECC has created a philosophy of acceptance and accountability for safety. That philosophy is embedded in how we do things on a daily basis.

Together, all of these facets of life at IECC play meaningful roles in the safety of our employees.

Roles of Safety

  • All personnel have completed the OSHA 10 Construction Course
  • Detailed Safety Manual
  • Weekly Documented Safety Meetings
  • Participate in all Job Customer Safety Training
  • Driver Safety Program to include DOT standards
  • Pre-employment and random drug testing
  • All project managers and foremen have completed the OSHA 30 construction course

Apprenticeship Training Program

  • Central Piedmont Electrical Technology Degree & NC DOL Certified Program
  • Tailored training schedule aligned with current work load and project schedules netting greater retainage
  • Focused relevant training that is interactive and customizable

Continuing Education

    • OSHA 10 Training
    • OSHA 30 Training
    • Safety & First Aid/CPR Training
    • Network Awareness Training


  • For individuals that demonstrate the competencies to be NC Electrical Licensee holders we offer prep classes and facilitate the application process.
  • It is our goal to have all apprentices become licensed.